About Bubbaville

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Our Mission

Bubbaville is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to the educational and cultural enrichment of the Portland metro region through traditional music and dance. Bubbaville’s mission is to educate, provide, promote and encourage the appreciation of traditional music and dance. We strive to achieve this mission through a variety of community events, including the annual Portland Old Time Music Gathering and other programs and events that instruct, inform, stage, perform, document, photograph and record this heritage.

Our Roots

Named after the late, great square dance caller, musician and community organizer Bill “Bubba” Martin, we serve to bring together musicians, dancers and other friends of old time music on the West Coast. 

Bill "Bubba" Martin was at the heart of the Portland old time music scene until passing away in 2012. He was known for his guitar picking, dance calling and very unique sense of style.

Learn more about Bill by watching the Oregon Art Beat profile of him from 2003.

Check out past projects We've Funded

Since 2008, Bubbaville has provided funding, promotion and support for dozens of projects tied to our mission. The organization has brought to the Portland region numerous performers and teachers. We’ve also funded campouts, albums, dances and more.