The Portland Old-Time Music Gathering

We're looking forward to the next gathering in 2024.

The 24th Annual Portland Old Time Music Gathering is over and what a huge success!! Thank you to all the volunteers, musicians and participants who made it all happen. Thanks to the Alberta Abbey, Spare Room, Hostel Cafe, and Good Neighbor Pizza for hosting and supporting the Gathering.

Check out the recording of the Friday Night Concert on our youtube channel.

Meanwhile, here’s a look back at the 2022 and 2021 Gatherings. The 23rd Annual Portland Old Time Music Gathering has come and gone. It was a Gathering like no other. We experienced daily ups and downs and disappointments as performers were not able to attend. But we pulled it off with the help of dedicated performers and volunteers.

Get the Gathered CD

The 2018 Gathering marked the release of “Gathered,” a two-disc compilation album featuring nearly 30 tracks from top Gathering concert performers going back to 2005. Old time music lovers can now purchase the beautiful CD with complete liner notes from Bandcamp.

The Gathering's Mission

The Portland Oregon Old-Time Music Gathering is a grassroots volunteer-run festival that aims to celebrate and enrich the community of traditional old-time Appalachian style stringband musicians. We wish to create an environment where the music is as meaningful as it is when we gather to swap tunes and play in a friend’s living room or meet to play at a campsite during a summer festival. As such, we feel that it is important to keep the event non-profit and volunteer run; whether we are taking tickets, sweeping the floor, organizing an event, or playing music for a concert; we are all volunteers contributing to make this thing happen.

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