The Portland, Oregon region is rich with performers across the traditional music spectrum. See the details for different genres below. Is there a band we should add? Email

Old Time

The Horsenecks

The Horsenecks play hard-hitting and heartfelt, traditional and original roots music. Their sound is centered around the pairing of the signature rhythmic Appalachian fiddle style of Oregonian Gabrielle Macrae and the inspired guitar and driving yet subtle banjo playing of Liverpudlian Barry Southern. Harmony singing and thoughtful song writing bring The Horsenecks to the stage with a compelling take on the music that moves them; foot-stomping dance tunes, innovative fiddle-banjo compositions and traditional and original heartfelt and inspired lyrics and harmony singing. Whether performing as a duo or as a four piece, The Horsenecks continue to set a new standard in today’s traditional music scene with years of touring under their belts, appearances at major festivals in the USA and the UK and three critically acclaimed studio albums.  Available for concerts, dances, weddings, parties, etc.

The Carolina Rose

Caroline Oakley and Rose Minkler play old time fiddle tunes and sing country/honky tonk ballads and duets.

The Cully Cuttups

Hard driving Old time fiddle music with a classic NW tone. It’s happy and lighthearted, but rooted firmly in the Appalachian traditional Stringband style. Fiddle, guitar, banjo and upright bass.

Caleb Klauder

Rats Gone to Rest

Rats Gone to Rest is a local Portland string band playing traditional Appalachian fiddle tunes.  The foursome consists of Joel Brown on fiddle, Julay Brooks on guitar, Devin Forest Hines on banjo and Baron Collins-Hills on bass.

Eugene City Barnstormers

Old time music with an altitude. For over a decade the Eugene City Barnstormers have rolled out of Eugene Oregon exploring the corners, edges and middles of a broad social fabric that weaves together family, friends, places, in a community of interest with threads of tunes, songs and stories. The band revels in playing for energetic dancers and joyful random episodes of live music in ordinary places.

Shawn Lockery

Old Barn Preservation Society

We’re a Portland-based old time string band that’s been together since 2014. We’re open to a wide variety gigs — dances, weddings, farmers markets, parties, baby showers, meteor showers, vision quests, etc. We like to hoot but love to holler.


The Too Loose Cajun/Zydeco Band

Eight piece electric band – fiddles, guitar, accordion, rubboard, keyboard, rhythm section, and vocalists. We play authentic Louisiana-style dance music including cajun, zydeco, and a little New Orleans R&B and piano. You just can’t keep from dancin’!


Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms Country Band

Original and classic Honky Tonk Country music with fiddle, steel guitar, mandolin, drums, bass and acoustic guitar. Vocal harmonies and a dance beat.

Caleb Klauder

The Waysiders

Classic and Original country music from Portland, Oregon, featuring the songwriting of Gabrielle Macrae. Sisters Joanna and Gabrielle Macrae front the band with sibling-tight harmonies while the band brings a distinctively vintage sound to the new and old music they play. Drawing on the traditions of Swing, Rock and Roll, Old Time and Rhythm and Blues, the Waysiders deliver a new brand of classic country all their own. Gabrielle Macrae- acoustic guitar, vocals. Joanna Macrae- vocals. Barry Southern- electric guitar. Patrick Lind- Bass. Don Lawry- drums with guest fiddlers such as Luke Price and Annie Stanninec.  Available for shows, parties, weddings, private events.

Gabrielle Macrae


Watch:  Will I ever Get Through


How Long Jug Band

The How Long Jug Band plays vintage blues, ragtime and string band music on standard and homemade instruments.


Steve Cheseborough

Steve Cheseborough re-creates the blues, ragtime and hokum of the 1920s-30s, interspersing the songs with stories, history and humor. He has the uncanny ability to turn any setting into a 1925 Mississippi jook joint.

Lauren Sheehan

Songster best describes this “ … one-woman Americana jukebox”. Lauren Sheehan works as a soloist and with delightful side men and women, performing music influenced by traditional country blues, jug band, early jazz, country and folk artists, from the 1850’s to modern times. She is an acclaimed fingerpicker and known for her entertaining and informative concerts, soirees, workshops, house shows and parties where oral tradition reigns.

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